Thursday, February 2, 2012

White Mystery In-Store Review 7/11/11

Random Old Records posted this blog:

After a pleasant and not-so-scenic drive to Columbus, I ended up at a semi-isolated spot called Spoonful Records, right outside of downtown and plopped between a bike shop and a couple of ominous "customers only" parking lots. Inside was a warm, comfortable space made more inviting by immaculate racks of LPs waiting to be picked over and a raggedy air conditioner that was absolutely perfect if you were in its line of fire. The night before, a fearsome garage rock twosome from Chicago called White Mystery had laid waste to The Summit, or so I'd been told. I couldn't make it to that show, but luckily Miss Alex White and her impressively-named brother Francis Scott Key White had decided to set up right in the middle of Spoonful to do a retake of the previous night before taking off for another show in Cleveland. They did so while decked out in the most ferocious Hello Kitty and Iron Maiden t-shirts and house pants that I've ever seen.  Click here to read the rest:

He closes by saying:  If you ever find yourself in Columbus, make sure to visit Spoonful. It's staffed by a cool dude and his buds and his super-cool dad who seriously lit up the room offering album recommendations, bottled water, cookies, and correct change to the appreciative crowd.

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