Friday, February 3, 2012

Turntabling Vinyl Road Rage Review 4/24/11

What Joe Wallace of had to say about the store:

Then there’s Spoonful, which is a bit of Rough Trade in reverse–Spoonful started off as a label and then opened the store. (I’m reading the Rough Trade Records bio Document and Eyewitness so it’s a bit on the brain as of late, heh).
Spoonful is run by another vinyl-loving collector with a clear passion for both the music he releases and the music put out by others. This shop is a treasure–it’s inviting, friendly, the two pinball machines in the back really add something to this place totally missing from other shops. Spoonful hasn’t even been open a year and deserves a LOT of support–places like this and Lost Weekend are one of the reasons to collect vinyl in the first place–music aside–there’s a warm friendly community of people out there trying to make it as indie businesses.

You can read about the rest of his journey and check out lots of other record store reviews at:

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