Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Numero Night 002 - October 3rd, 2015 6-8 pm

The next installment of Numero Night is scheduled for October 3rd from 6-8pm. (Numero Group is small label out of Chicago that has been putting back into circulation some very cool tunes, with a focus on localized old soul, psych, and gospel. We love them because they do great work, give you the back story, and did this: http://www.numerogroup.com/products/eccentric-soul-the-capsoul-label )

In this edition of Numero Night, we will be introducing Tom Smith who ran Owl Studios in Columbus, Ohio with his brother Sterling & will be sharing stories and photos/memorabilia from their days at the Studio/Record Label. Notably, Owl put out the Wee record "You Can Fly on my Aeroplane" (1977) and Raven's "Back to Ohio Blues" (1975).

BONUS: Once again Numero Group gave us lots of cool stuff TO GIVE AWAY!!

With permission of the label owners, and help from Abnormal Allies, we have pressed a limited number of OWL LABEL T-SHIRTS! They look totally cool and can be purchased for $15 only at Spoonful Records.

There's no pressure to buy anything--just come, hang out, listen and explore some great music with the Spoonful Gang!