Wednesday, November 26, 2014

2014 Holiday Hours

FRIDAY, NOV 28th - 8AM – 8PM


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Numero Night 001

Numero Group releases
Started in 2003, Numero Group is small label out of Chicago that has been putting back into circulation some very cool tunes, with a focus on localized old soul, psych, and gospel. We love them because they do great work, give you the back story, package everything immaculately, and did this:

On October 4th, Spoonful Records hosted "Numero Night." Owner Brett Ruland dusted off the turntables and deejayed selections from across the Numero Group catalogue, along with cuts from their first Eccentric Soul: Capsoul Label 001 & the new Eccentric Soul: Capitol City Soul 051 releases.

Daniel Moss, son of Bill Moss, founder of Capsoul Records of Columbus, Ohio, finished off the night with a 20-minute talk about his dad and the Capsoul label.

Brett deejays Columbus' own The Four Mints
Numero Group liked our idea for the event so much that they sent us three test-pressings to give away, including the 3-LP Way Out Label and Bonus 12" and the Sensational Saints' You Won't Believe It. Winners were drawn that evening.

We enjoyed the event very much! Thank you to each of the 60 people that came out that evening. We hope to do it again soon and would love your suggestions! Which releases are you curious about?

SPECIAL THANKS to Numero Group for the test-pressings, Daniel Moss, and Reece Thompson who took these photographs!! Reece also videotaped the Daniel Moss talk, so we will post that in the near future!

Getting a closer look at the gorgeous Light on the South Side coffee table book

Brett puts down the needle on some Purple Snow.  
A sort of pre-quel to Prince, Purple Snow chronicles the 
70's Minneapolis sound known for dance/funk/glam fusion. 
There's a whole lot of head-bopping going on!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Where to buy a turntable in Columbus

    Our workhorse: the Audio Technica AT-LP60        
In 2014, Spoonful became an authorized Audio Technica dealer.  We've been carrying the Audio Technica AT-LP60 turntable for 4 years, but now we get them factory-direct!  It's a great little turntable!  It's easy to use, compact, belt-driven and plays at 45 or 33 1/3 RPM.  With its built-in preamp, you can actually connect it directly to powered speakers (like computer speakers) or other components that have no dedicated turntable input.  Our price: $115.

Please note: we assemble each turntable we sell, so you never have to struggle with putting a belt on a turntable.  We sell turntables ready-to-go out of the box!!

We've done a lot of research and really wanted to offer an affordable, complete set-up solution for those first-time buyers, so we have paired the AT-LP60 with a couple of Dayton Audio speakers (designed right here in Ohio) and a very compact Lepai amp, for the combo price of $190.

So if you are looking for a turntable in the Columbus area, come to Spoonful Records.  We are happy to show you how it works, play the display model for you, and, you might notice, it's the same turntable we have behind the counter--our daily workhorse!  If you stop by during the week, ask Fred to show you!

Replacement cartridges are also available.  Questions? Call us at 614-586-1918.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Southside Speakeasy

Barkeep on duty
On Sunday, March 31st, two guys walked into Spoonful carrying a handful of random soul records and a wire rack of 45s.  Amy looked through the stack and didn't even offer a price.  Where's the rest of these records!?, she demanded.  The two guys looked at each other and chuckled.

That night after we closed, we (Brett, Amy & Bryan) headed into the basement of a former southside speakeasy, near Deshler and Lockbourne.  The owner passed away ten years ago, and the house had been sitting empty for quite some time.  Well, not totally empty.  The basement was pretty much untouched, evidence of after-hours parties on full display: the 20 foot bar, bar stools, and lots of liquor bottles lining all the walls, mostly still full!  In cabinets we found a box of shotgun shells, firecrackers, and a flare gun, an added bonus for a nights' adventure.  The speakeasy was in operation for twenty years, and the owner was a city worker, so most of the clientele were, you guessed it, on city payroll.  It looks like it was a fun place to kick back after a long day of bureaucratic BS!!!

Some local 45s in the collection
Needless to say, the place was stacked with tons of soul, r&b and jazz.  In the 600 LPs and 1500 45s we pulled out, we found an amazing Jimi Hendrix collection, a couple Capsoul 45s, and a lot of things we look forward to investigating and getting on the turntable.  Vinyl never lets you down!!!  We also dragged out 2 big bags full of 8 tracks.  These treasures are coming your way, Columbus!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Record Store Day 4/19/14

Chris was first in line and
scored a Dave Matthews Band box set,
Record Store Day 2013
Record Store Day this year is Saturday, April 19th.  We will be open from 8 am - 8 pm with TONS of exclusive vinyl RSD releases and 20% off used records. 

RSD Swag Bags will be given out until they run out (usually the first 75 people get one.) Abnormal Allies will be pressing t-shirts and bringing the mobile DJ unit, our friends at UpperCup Coffee will keep us caffeinated, and PromoWest Productions will be bringing the truck and giving away concert tickets and prizes starting at 7 am. Explorer's Club will be bringing the food truck from 10 - 2.

We will have two registers going again and lots of helpers. We encourage shoppers to pay with cash which helps everyone get through the line faster! 

Street parking is pretty ample around our store and free until 9am. The free lot is the gravel one we share with B1 Bikes. 

Thanks for supporting your downtown Columbus record store and all the awesome little record stores in Columbus. This is truly a great vinyl town!!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Marco Records, Columbus, Ohio

Ann, co-owner of Marco Records
One of the joys of being in the vinyl business is learning about old record stores and hearing peoples' stories.  On January 6, 2014, we had the utmost pleasure of visiting with the last family member related to Marco Records, which was located in an old gas station at 176 S. Front Street, Columbus, Ohio through the mid 60's.  Barb kindly let us into her home and let us purchase all the remaining records in her house, seven years after her husband, Steve, passed away.

Barb dreams of going on a cruise this year, something her husband was never able to do with her, so she'll put the money from selling the records towards a little vacation.

Steve's parents, Manny and Ann, owned Marco Records, and can be seen in the photos here.  Steve  had diabetes as a child, and could not go to school with the other kids unless the school had a full-time nurse.  Since one was not available, Steve was home-tutored by Columbus Public Schools, but got to spend most of his days with his parents at the record store.  Pretty sweet.

Well, if you are wondering where Marco is, you'll be disappointed--Marco Records originated in Marlborough County, Kansas, borrowing the first letters from the county's name!

Barb believed that the record store went out of business because of its proximity to Lazarus and competition with other records stores, such as Woolworth's record department.

Steve went on to work at Recordland at Eastland Mall, which closed doors in 1981.

The 500 LPs and 600 7-inch collection we bought is just absolutely packed with DJ copies, white label promos, and picture sleeves.  With only one owner and in the same house for fifty years, these records are in pristine condition.  Many were slugged away with the intention to sell them later down the line.

Manny (right) with a customer
We are thrilled to offer these records back to Columbus vinyl hunters.  We never sell records online or on eBay, so you can always be sure that the price fits the local market and you won't be bidding against people in Japan for these beautiful records.  Just come to the store and check them out.

It is always bitter-sweet, to get a collection like this.  To Steve, Manny & Ann, wherever you are, up in the big record store in the sky, we salute you and put this needle in the groove for you....