Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Record Store Day 2012

CCAD student Antoine took footage of Record Store Day at Spoonful Records and assembled this great little video, which features Fred.  Fred is Brett's dad, a statistician who retired just before we opened the store.  He was instrumental in getting the store ready for opening day, and afterwards, he started coming every day like it was his regular job.  You can find Fred at the store Tuesday through Saturday, usually in the back, cleaning records, mending covers, and organizing the dollar bin. By the way, in the video, Fred meant to say 2,000 record stores, not 200.

April 21st was Record Store Day.  We do our best to get the records everybody wants.  Quantities are very limited in some cases, so if there is something you have to have, getting in line early is crucial.   Next year we will have two registers running to make things go a little faster.  Thank you to everybody who braved the crowds and was so patient on our busiest day of the year.