Saturday, February 4, 2012

Christmas by the spoonful 11/26/11

Here's another fabulous review we dug up on the internet, and the pics by Claudia Retter are just TOO COOL:

Shame on me. I didn't know that right here on Long Street is a fabulous old-skool record shop - SPOONFUL RECORDS - complete with a checkerboard floor, pinball machines, and a penny gumball dispenser (A penny! Now that's retro). Elaine and Mike (who's a regular at Spoonful), and their little girl, Darla, decided to grab their old Christmas records for a portrait session at the store. What fun! How many kids know what vinyl is? ... now THAT's great parenting!

Here's the source:

The Premieres "She's Always There" on King Records 1966

There are some really cool unexpected aspects of running a record store, like when an original King recording artist walks through the door and asks if you can play his 7", because he hasn't owned a turntable in decades.  We were happy to oblige Ron McElroy of Columbus, lead singer of the Premieres, who recorded this track and the flipside "I'm Better Off Now" with his group back in 1966.  He said that the day they recorded it, The Casinos were also there, laying down tracks for "Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye."  We hope you enjoy the video!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Gabby Young and Other Animals

Andrew Williams sent in this great photograph from the Gabby Young and Other Animals in-store performance on September 4th, 2011.  What a fun evening.

Turntabling Vinyl Road Rage Review 4/24/11

What Joe Wallace of had to say about the store:

Then there’s Spoonful, which is a bit of Rough Trade in reverse–Spoonful started off as a label and then opened the store. (I’m reading the Rough Trade Records bio Document and Eyewitness so it’s a bit on the brain as of late, heh).
Spoonful is run by another vinyl-loving collector with a clear passion for both the music he releases and the music put out by others. This shop is a treasure–it’s inviting, friendly, the two pinball machines in the back really add something to this place totally missing from other shops. Spoonful hasn’t even been open a year and deserves a LOT of support–places like this and Lost Weekend are one of the reasons to collect vinyl in the first place–music aside–there’s a warm friendly community of people out there trying to make it as indie businesses.

You can read about the rest of his journey and check out lots of other record store reviews at:

Thursday, February 2, 2012

ReDiscovering Columbus - Spoonful Records - Blogpost

Sam and I love music! We like listening to it, going to concerts, playing instruments. There are so many record stores in Columbus! Yes, in case you missed the news, records are back in style!   The owner, Brett Ruland, really has a great thing going with his record shop. He has a great selection/taste in music, engages with you in conversations, and supports local and traveling musicians by hosting in store shows to promote their records. The record store itself is beautiful – the d├ęcor is funky, there are great paintings on the walls, and plenty of records to choose from! Read the rest of the review at:

Spoonful T-shirts available!

Designed by Jeff Sims of the CMA, the new t-shirt is in stock and yours for a mere fifteen bucks!  Lots of colors and sizes available.

Add five bucks and we'll ship it anywhere in the continental US. Just give us a call at 614-586-1918.

White Mystery In-Store Review 7/11/11

Random Old Records posted this blog:

After a pleasant and not-so-scenic drive to Columbus, I ended up at a semi-isolated spot called Spoonful Records, right outside of downtown and plopped between a bike shop and a couple of ominous "customers only" parking lots. Inside was a warm, comfortable space made more inviting by immaculate racks of LPs waiting to be picked over and a raggedy air conditioner that was absolutely perfect if you were in its line of fire. The night before, a fearsome garage rock twosome from Chicago called White Mystery had laid waste to The Summit, or so I'd been told. I couldn't make it to that show, but luckily Miss Alex White and her impressively-named brother Francis Scott Key White had decided to set up right in the middle of Spoonful to do a retake of the previous night before taking off for another show in Cleveland. They did so while decked out in the most ferocious Hello Kitty and Iron Maiden t-shirts and house pants that I've ever seen.  Click here to read the rest:

He closes by saying:  If you ever find yourself in Columbus, make sure to visit Spoonful. It's staffed by a cool dude and his buds and his super-cool dad who seriously lit up the room offering album recommendations, bottled water, cookies, and correct change to the appreciative crowd.

Happpy Anniversary Spoonful Record Shop! 1st Year! 07/16/11

Raymond T. Vinyl came by and took some new videos of the store!

Raymond says: Hey YouTubers! Today is Spoonful Record Shop's 1st anniversary!!! I'm so excited for the store! That's a big deal in this economy!! Rock On Brett & Family!! Local record stores are very special!! Please support them! Buy A Record Today!!

Customer Video from Opening Day 7/17/10

Raymond T. Vinyl came by on opening day to check out the opening of a new records store in Cbus and present us with the Atomic Zombie button.  Click on the pic to start the video!

Raymond says:  Hey YouTubers! Wanted to share an exciting day here in Columbus. The grand opening of a new Record Store!! Yay!! If you live near or pass through the city, please be sure to stop in. Its a really awesome place!! Buy a Record Today!

Our friend Matt snapped this panoramic moments before we opened the doors on July 17, 2010!  His wife, Stacy, on the left, helped man the register for our big day!

Shopping: Spoonful Records by Chris Deville

How crazy do you have to be to open a record store a decade after digital downloads started driving a stake through the heart of music retail?
"People at the bank are like, 'What are you thinking?'" said Brett Ruland, the former graphic designer who decided to expand Spoonful Records, the label he's run since 2003, into a storefront stocked with vinyl.
Spoonful opens Saturday in a Long Street space next door to B1 Bicycles. Ruland hopes the shop will be a cool place to hang out, both literally - he's working on air-conditioning solutions at the moment - and figuratively.
Besides new and used vinyl by the likes of Nick Cave, Spiritualized and Pavement, he installed pinball machines, a checkerboard floor, old theater seats and a leather couch to liven up the place.
"Nowadays, you can pretty much get anything you want online at the push of a button. Everything is at your fingertips," Ruland said. "I kind of long for the days when you might bump into somebody or you don't know what's going on at a place. Something great could be happening, and you just stumble upon it."

Click here to read the rest of Chris Deville's article:

Spoonful Records Brings Vintage Vinyl Downtown

The store is scheduled to open on Saturday, July 17th, and hours of operation will be Tuesday through Saturday, 11am to 8pm, Sunday, Noon to 6pm, and closed on Mondays.
“I don’t think there’s been a record store Downtown in the past 30 or 35 years”, added Brett. “It’s kind of exciting to be the first one opening up again.