Monday, April 2, 2018

Record Store Day at Spoonful Records 4/21/18

COME TO SPOONFUL RECORDS FOR YOUR RECORD STORE DAY FUN! We will open on Saturday, April 21st, 2018 at 8 am with TONS of exclusive vinyl RSD releases.

View the whole list of RSD offerings here:

We alphabetize and organize the RSD selection to make your experience as stress-free as possible! Remember--these exclusive vinyl releases are only found at INDEPENDENT record stores!

COUPONS: There are always items that are too expensive/heavy/scarce to put in the bins, like the box sets, so we have devised a coupon system that works really great. At 7:30 am, Amy will go through the line and offer coupons for the items in the showcase. If you get one, put it somewhere safe, and shop the bins confident you are getting the item on your coupon. When you get to the cash register, present your coupon. Simple as that! The list of coupon items will be listed on FB the night before. Go to OUR FACEBOOK PAGE for details and answers to all your questions.


PROMOWEST TICKET RAFFLE: The wonderful interns for PROMOWEST will be at it again this year, signing up people from 7am to 9am to win tickets to:
Portugal. the Man 5/20
Frank Turner 6/1
Cold War Kids 6/13
Melvins 8/4
Two pairs for each show will be given away!

SALE: We will be running our 25% OFF SALE on used records.

RSD SWAG BAGS: We will have about 250 free totes again this year, laden with RSD samplers and swag plus:
Free entry pass from Columbus Museum of Art
Free movie pass to Gateway Film Center thanks to CD102.5
$1 off coupon to Roosevelt Coffee

TUPELO DOUGHNUTS will be here from 7am to 8:30am, parked in the Budget/Avis lot.

PORT-A-JOHNS: Yes, let's be real. Some of you will choose to get there early and will be drinking coffee, so it's good to know, there will be a men's and a women's facility available. Drink up!

PARKING: Street parking is still the cheapest around our store, at 20 minutes per $.25, with meters turning on at 8 am. We have a special arrangement for the lot directly behind our store: it will be $3 to park there between 12:01am to 11:59am on Saturday. Pay the meter located behind Budget on 3rd.


We will have two registers going again and lots of helpers. Shoppers are strongly encouraged to PLEASE PAY WITH CASH, which helps everyone get through the line faster. Please present your ID if you pay with credit card.

Check Facebook the night before RSD; we usually post pictures of the layout of exclusive records so you can get your bearings!

Please note: Due to the large volume of offerings and customers that day, we cannot hold or reserve items for anyone. If you are stuck at work or can't wait in line for some reason, call us after 11am. If we still have what you're looking for, we'll be happy to hold it for a few hours then. Thanks!

Thanks for supporting your downtown Columbus record store!!!!!!