Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Southside Speakeasy

Barkeep on duty
On Sunday, March 31st, two guys walked into Spoonful carrying a handful of random soul records and a wire rack of 45s.  Amy looked through the stack and didn't even offer a price.  Where's the rest of these records!?, she demanded.  The two guys looked at each other and chuckled.

That night after we closed, we (Brett, Amy & Bryan) headed into the basement of a former southside speakeasy, near Deshler and Lockbourne.  The owner passed away ten years ago, and the house had been sitting empty for quite some time.  Well, not totally empty.  The basement was pretty much untouched, evidence of after-hours parties on full display: the 20 foot bar, bar stools, and lots of liquor bottles lining all the walls, mostly still full!  In cabinets we found a box of shotgun shells, firecrackers, and a flare gun, an added bonus for a nights' adventure.  The speakeasy was in operation for twenty years, and the owner was a city worker, so most of the clientele were, you guessed it, on city payroll.  It looks like it was a fun place to kick back after a long day of bureaucratic BS!!!

Some local 45s in the collection
Needless to say, the place was stacked with tons of soul, r&b and jazz.  In the 600 LPs and 1500 45s we pulled out, we found an amazing Jimi Hendrix collection, a couple Capsoul 45s, and a lot of things we look forward to investigating and getting on the turntable.  Vinyl never lets you down!!!  We also dragged out 2 big bags full of 8 tracks.  These treasures are coming your way, Columbus!

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