Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Spoonful Records thriving downtown

We love this title and we love how true it is!  Our second full year has been a busy and successful one, thanks to so many passionate customers and friends.

Spoonful Records thriving downtown

It’s a familiar story− a young professional bored with their current job decides to go into business for themself. However, the way Brett Ruland went about choosing his entrepreneurial path is a bit unusual.
He filled up a piece of notebook paper with job ideas. But none of them seemed to jump off the page. Instead, it was a suggestion from his girlfriend that got the ball rolling.
“Why don’t you open a record store?” she asked.
Ruland thought it was a genius idea, especially in light of how popular vinyl records had become again, so he opened Spoonful Records at 116 E. Long St. in summer 2010.
“There is such great energy downtown,” he says. “I wanted to be located near the Columbus College of Art & Design, where I went to school, and the Columbus Museum of Art, where I worked for over a dozen years.”
Plus, the store’s proximity to LC Pavilion has made it a destination for several famous musicians.
“We’ve had The Shins, Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters, and Robert Pollard of Guided by voices, to name a few,” Ruland says.
The 900-square-foot store has about 10,000 records at the moment. Rock, soul, jazz, punk, metal, and hip-hop are just some of the genres customers can expect to find there.
Also, live performances by local artists, such as Nick Tolford, and international artists, such as Gabby Young, are not unusual occurrences.
Here's the rest of Melanie McIntyre's article from Metropreneur Columbus in full:

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